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Rentals: The Vulva series
Sealed Lips

Vulvas are cool and so are you!
I believe in the vulva as a honeypot to have big big fun with. Alone or with other people, she never ceases to amaze me.
With these costumes I want to spread the joy she can bring, so they’re available to rent and all of us can enjoy them.

Size: 42 // 44
Chest:  98 cm
Waist:  80 cm
Hips: 104 cm
Shoulder to hem:  150 cm
Waist to hem: 105 cm

Would you like to rent pure joy? Order your desired amount of days & tell me the exact dates in the order notes. Below you see the rented out period. Your desired dates aren’t available anymore? Then email and tell me which costume you’d like to rent, when & how long and i’ll get back to you asap!

Costume is rented out until 13th of September 2023


Searching for sustainable ways always, to do rentals is another step i’m SUPERHAPPY with 🙂

Material: Polyester

Rental specifications
4 days – €85 ex shipping costs
6 days – €95 ex shipping costs
8 days – €105 ex shipping costs
Costumes don’t have to be washed / dry cleaned, i do this at my local dry cleaner. One-time deposit is €150. If the costume comes back in its original state i refund the amount. If it doesn’t, check possible costs below.

Shipping & returns:
You will receive the costume one day ahead of your rental period. It’s important to send the suit back on the last day of the rental period. If the last day is a Sunday then the costume can also be returned on Monday.

4 day rental period example, 3//6 of July:
1st of July – i send the costume to the given address (with track&trace)
2nd – you get the costume
3 – day 1 rental period
4 – day 2 rental period
5 – day 3 rental period
6 – day 4, you send the costume back (with trakc&trace)

Want to cancel your rental? Ah shame, but fine off course 🙂
– up to 10 days ahead of the scheduled period it’s free of charge
– up to 48 hours i charge a 30% cancellation fee
– less than 48 hours i charge a 100% cancellation fee

Repairs / mending:
Something wrong with the costume when i get it back? I made a list of possible happenings & associated costs below:
– holes / tears in the seams, from e 10
– holes / tears, not in the seams, from e15
– stains that don’t go out after drycleaning < 3 cm, from e20
– stains that don’t go out after drycleaning > 3 cm, from e25
– zipper / buttons broke, from e20
– missing parts, from e50
Make sure you check your costume for possible flaws when you receive it & tell me when you encounter some so i won’t charge you. I always check as well as i can but a person can miss some things 🙂

Additional information

amount of days

4 days, 6 days, 8 days

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