Fantoompijn shipping

How does Fantoompijn shipping & ordering work?

NEW ORDER DEADLINE IS 29-10-2021 23:59

For Fantoompijn we work with a pre-order system to reduce product, shipping + environmental waste & eliminate deadstock. What to do with a lot of pants & shirts laying around because we made too many? Right, nothing! It’s all very unnecessary and also a lot of lost time. So we’re just not doin’ it! We only produce what is ordered. Better for us, better for you and so much better for the environment.
Because of the pre-order system, shipping may take longer than you’re used to.

You’ll receive your item within four to five weeks and here’s why:
– We set a deadline every month
– After the order-deadline we order the fabric we need
– About two weeks later the fabric is delivered
– We’ll start producing right away in our atelier in Rotterdam, this takes about one week
– Then we send it to you (if you live in Rotterdam or Amsterdam (within ring A10) we deliver your order by bike, otherwise we send it via the post)

So for instance, if the deadline is 21st of August 2021 23.59 then your beauty will be ready & shipped around the 17th of September! Not that long for a handmade superconscious timeless art piece that you can put on your body and look fabulous in 🙂

We will keep you updated on every step in the process & please please please! check your size before ordering babessss so we can eliminate waste together
If you’d rather try before you buy, you can always come by the studio and try on the sample collection!