Logocomo = Romy = Fashion-activist + Feminist: Hi!
I strongly believe in being yourself and wearing whatever the hell you want to wear so my clothing is for everyone. One love, one sex (heart emoji + tongue emoji)

In 2020 I decided to take responsibility as Logocomo and make my label as conscious as possible, environmentally & socially. I only use fabric scraps and second-hand clothing (from which i try to find the origin as much as possible) and sometimes recycled fabrics to make my collections.
This means: no new water consumption, no water pollution, no shady working conditions! All clothing is made in Amsterdam, which means: No CO2 emissions!

I also want to make my work process more transparent. I noticed people often don’t realize how many actions are in a single garment and how much time it takes. Therefore it’s not surprising many people think ten euros is a good price for a t-shirt. With every piece, I will make a list of the time and money I spent on it. Hopefully i can help fashion in becoming valuable and man-made again instead of an abstract product without emotion.

Help me do this and say YES to: conscious consuming / no water consumption / cleaner water / transparent and honest working conditions / fair wages / local production = low CO2

In saying yes to the above, you’re saying NO to: excessive unnecessary consumption / excessive water consumption / water pollution (plastic soup) / non-transparant working conditions / exploitation of employees / maintaining poverty / foreign production = high CO2 emissions

I truly believe we can make a difference!!!!

If you would just love carry LOGOCOMO goods in your store or just be in touch to talk, don’t hesitate to email lgcmforever@gmail.com


Derkinderenstraat 44
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The Netherlands


If you’re interested in employment
opportunities at LOGOCOMO,
please email us: lgcmforever@gmail.com

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